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Yesterday afternoon, Dara IMed me at work to let me know that she had to go see the eye doctor immediately, because she was experiencing a new round of symptoms consistent with the retinal tearing she’s been plagued with for the last couple of months. Both of us essentially went “well, shit“, and I told Dara to keep me updated. She quickly got the confirmation: yep, third round of retinal tearing, the third of the three spots that had been found in her eye.

So I cancelled the chiropractor appointment I’d made for today. And more annoyingly, I cancelled our hotel reservation for Conflikt next week. Because a new round of eye surgery means that Dara has to be weirdly positioned for another week, and well, we can’t do that shit at a hotel.


Anyway. As I’ve been posting on the social networks this morning, we got up at stupid-o’clock to report to Swedish for the procedure. It went okay, and at least this time, the tear was a bit smaller than the others. I’m to take her in for 24-hours-after followup tomorrow morning. Until then she’s to remain facedown, but once she’s confirmed to be okay, she should be able to go onto her left side for this coming week.

We’ve rather gotten this down to a science at this point so yeah, we’ll get through this. But it’s fucking irritating that we have to, especially given that this is the second time we’ve had to cancel plans to go to a convention.

And goddamnit, my birthday is coming up, and “a fresh round of medical crap”, I assure you, was NOT ON THE LIST OF THINGS I WANTED. I mean, honestly, 2014, we couldn’t at least have gotten out of January before dealing with another round of this?

Though I suppose I can’t bitch too loudly; it could be worse. It could have been late February, shooting my plans for music in Canada out from under me. WHICH I AM STILL GOING TO, come hell, high water, or zombie apocalypse.

For now though, now that we’ve gotten Dara safely home from the procedure, I’m going to take a nap. Because five hours of sleep is guh tired now zzzzzz.

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Well, fie upon retinal tears indded, and hurrah upon having a Dara back as swiftly as you have.

Pleasance, peace and healing to all of you!

(and also cheers about northern Cascadian musicalventures!)


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