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I realized to my chagrin that I completely skipped three of my character icons when I built my list. As a result, rather than re-order the entire list to account for those I left out, I bring you this special bonus matchup!

Harry Dresden (The Dresden Files, TV edition) / James Bond (Daniel Craig edition) / Martha Jones (Doctor Who)

007 liked his cases simple: find target, eliminate target, God save the Queen and the sanctity of Britain. Why the bloody hell M assigned him to a stakeout of robe-wearing Druid cultists in Stonehenge he could not begin to fathom--and about what the hell an American detective was doing there, also staking out the cultists, he could not begin to give a damn. On any other case, in any other country, he might almost have liked him; the man did have a certain refreshing honesty about him. But in Britain, he was out of his jurisdiction and far out of his league, and James wasn't about to let Dresden waltz off with his mission. Or the feisty, dusky beauty who'd pulled him out of the ruin that the cult leader had made of his latest Aston Martin, and then patched him back together with skilled and efficient hands.

He didn't know what strange new tech the cult had armed themselved with, that they'd flung his car a hundred feet into a ravine without any trace of an explosive device. Or for that matter, why Dresden seemed to know more than he was telling about their activities...

Or why lovely, clever young Martha, confronted with the danger at hand, did not seem the slightest bit surprised.
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Snurching this one from [ profile] cadhla, because it's hysterical:

Make a list of all the characters in your icons. (Although you may have more than one icon of a single character, they only go on the list once.) Alphabetize it. Take the first two people on the list; that's your first pairing. Second two people; second pairing. Etc. Then write your reaction to each pairing (or a snippet of a hypothetical fic featuring each pairing).

I think I just broke my brain... )
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So after the last month or so that's involved a big ol' snowstorm and an even bigger windstorm, I must grant that freezing fog is kind of anticlimactic. However, it means that the little bit of street right in front of our house is almost completely covered in ice. This caused me quite a bit of consternation coming out of the house this morning, since it meant I had to step over into the neighbor's yard to get to somewhere that actually had enough traction for me to make it down to the clear cross street without falling flat on my ass.

I was not quite so lucky coming home this evening. I thought (rashly) that if I inched my way up the hill I could make it to the house. This thought was quickly dashed as I found myself sliding backwards without even trying to walk. [ profile] solarbird, who was with me at the time, quickly advised me not to lock my knees--and that was helpful. I bent them and crouched a bit, trying to get my center of gravity lower, and finally had to let myself do a bit of a controlled fall so I could just go ahead and get it overwith. Except that I landed on the right side of my bum, and now although it didn't hurt when I fell, I can definitely feel it sitting on our nice soft couch. Ow.

If it's still this icy tomorrow morning, I'm seriously going to consider taking advantage of my shiny new VPN access to work from home.

Saturday through Wednesday miles: 13.35
Miles out of Hobbiton: 1649.05
Miles out of Rauros Falls: 340.05
Miles to Isengard: 143.95

Last, but not least, have a meme... )
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Snurched from [ profile] mizkit: Name the famous people you've met or seen at a close distance. Feel free to post this in your journal or to make comments in mine.

Breaking these down into categories... )
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This one was vaguely interesting, even if it took me a bit to get a set of pictures that actually were identifiable matches for my various interests. And I still had to wind up deleting several, mostly because the pictures made no sense. Here's what I finally came up with!

My Interests Collage! )
Create your own! Originally Written By [ profile] ga_woo, Hosted and ReWritten by [ profile] darkman424
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Rather behind on posting anything interesting for the past few days, but then, I haven't had anything terribly interesting to post about, so that's all good. The last few days have been busy at work, and I have found that while none of the various things I do at work are particularly difficult or challenging, there's a good deal of it to do, and so I'm happy to be kept reasonably busy. I was also pleased to be informed along with a coworker that we were "amazing" by our boss, so go us. ^_^

I trust most of you all on my Friends list have seen the Star Trek Inspirational Posters site by now. My favorites are definitely this one and this one, but I have to just make sure whether [ profile] sarekofvulcan has seen this one, 'cause Garrett, it totally reminded me of you. ;)

Housemate [ profile] risu has recently ascended a Ranger in Nethack, which has totally gotten me back onto a Nethack kick. For giggles and grins, I tried playing a Tourist character named Zim (with of course a dog named Gir), and remarked to my beloved [ profile] solarbird that it was very odd wandering around a Nethack game with a character named Zim. She said, "I didn't know Nethack had an Idiot class!" I said, "It does, it's called Tourist!"

I totally need a Nethack icon now.

Looking forward to a quiet writing-type weekend--especially since next weekend, Dara, [ profile] spazzkat and I will be preparing to head off to our Worldcon/Disneyland vacation down in L.A. Y'all consider this your advance warning of the Impending Anna Shortage. Any of y'all going to actually be at Worldcon too, sing out!

Last night, Paul and I stopped at Barnes and Noble, so I took the opportunity to blow my $30 rebate card from Cingular for my cell phone purchase. I wound up getting a couple of books--Dies the Fire by S.M. Sterling, since [ profile] kieri had recommended it, and a new one called Webmage by Kelly McCullough, since it sounded like some fluffy fun and had a combo of magic and computer tech. And, for extra giggles, I picked up Vol. 1 of the Season One DVDs for Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea! Ah, cheesy Irwin Allen Sixties Skiffy, I (heart) you so.

Last but not least, I appear to have been tagged on two different memes, so what the hey, let's do this. I don't tag, but if you want to play, by all means jump in.

First up, from [ profile] leian, the current favorite songs meme... )

And then, albeit days behind, from [ profile] waterowl, the page 123 out of the nearest book meme... )

Wednesday lunch and evening miles: 2.4
Thursday miles: 3.0
Friday miles: 3.2
Miles out of Hobbiton: 1297.4
Miles out of Rivendell: 839.4
Miles out of Lothlórien: 377.4
Miles to Rauros Falls: 11.6
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Okay, now, how could I possibly resist a GBS-related quiz? And I think this result is about right.

Results back here... )
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Okay, this one's kind of fun, just because it gives one an opportunity to look up a bit of history:

Type in your birthday (minus the year) in the search bar at

List three interesting facts, two births, and one death that happened on your birthday.

Interesting facts:
1510 - Henry VIII of England, then 18 years old, appears incognito in the lists at Richmond, and is applauded for his jousting before he reveals his identity.
1556 - The deadliest earthquake in history, the Shaanxi earthquake, hits Shaanxi province, China. The death toll may have been as high as 830,000.
1849 - Elizabeth Blackwell is awarded her M.D. by the Medical Institute of Geneva, New York, becoming the United States' first woman doctor.

Births (I already knew I shared my birthday with Buck Rogers and MacGyver, so I'll do two other people):
1832 - Edouard Manet, French artist (d. 1883)
1944 - Rutger Hauer, Dutch actor

1989 - Salvador Dalí, Catalan artist (b. 1904)
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Because [ profile] firni pitched this my way. Snurch it if you wish; I don't tag folks for these things. I'll include the instructions that came with the meme because I am a completist, though.

Five strange habits of Anna the Piper... )
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I am deeply amused that Russell Crowe, Nathan Fillion, and my cat all show up in this icon lineup, and Alan Doyle shows up not once but twice! ;)

Who is love? )
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[ profile] irysangel pegged me for this one. I don't tag folks for memes as a rule, but if you feel like snurchin', by all means, snurch away.

Meme of Sevens... )
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Today's been good. Went down to the LFP shops for a few errands, then had to go back out again to get a fresh batch of thyroid meds for the cat and a few groceries for [ profile] solarbird. Came back and wound up watching Pleasantville along with Dara and [ profile] spazzkat and [ profile] risu; I'd rather forgotten what a good movie that is. (And oddly more pertinent to the political climate than it was when it came out.)

And I've downloaded OpenOffice 2.0, out of general interest to start playing with it, especially now that it has a Word Count option on the Tools menu.

Now we're waiting for [ profile] kathrynt and [ profile] llachglin to come over and join us for hanging out and video games and pizza, while we watch crappy horror flicks (YAY FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 6). Should be fun!

Saturday miles: 2.2 (walking)
Miles out of Hobbiton: 461.2
Miles out of Rivendell: 3.2
Miles to Lothlórien: 458.8

New Battlestar Galactica quizzie... )
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Name 10 things that bring you a moment of joy, and tag 4 friends to do the same.

Does it count if some of these things bring me lots of moments of joy on a daily basis?

The list! )

Um. No tagging of others on my part, just because I lose track of who's done these things and who hasn't! Snurch it if you like, folks.

1. Yes, I know already that anyone who reads my journal for more than two seconds running is going to know how much I rave for Great Big Sea. But they're going to get mentioned repeatedly on this list anyway, since talking about things that bring you joy is the whole point of this meme. Live with it, folks. ;)
2. Well okay, that and how Alan Doyle's smile also takes out my knees at ten paces. He's dangerous that way!


Oct. 17th, 2005 10:45 pm
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Meep #1: I have sent off another agency query letter. To an agency I've actually queried already, as it happens: the folks at Donald Maass. Since the first time I queried them they've actually picked up a new agent on their staff, and between that and my having put Faerie Blood through extensive revision since my first query, I'm hoping this might improve my chances of getting at least a small nibble of interest. And I figured, what the heck, it couldn't hurt. They take email queries, and having another agency query in the air while I'm waiting for Luna to get back to me is probably a good thing.

(On a related note, I actually got a snail mail form rejection letter from Nadia Cornier in the last week as well. Which was strangely baffling, since it came on her old agency letterhead, long after I'd already chatted with her in email and had been informed about her starting the new agency and not looking at SF/F right now. I suppose it's good to tie up one's loose ends, anyway, and that a rejection letter that's really just a confirmation of a rejection I'd already gotten doesn't count as a new rejection. So!)

Meep #2: I have two, count 'em, TWO phone interviews scheduled for tomorrow. This will make a total of three phone interviews since Friday. Here's hoping that at least one of these lands me an actual face-to-face interview if not an outright job offer!

Wish me luck, folks.

And on an utterly unrelated note, here, have a quiz!

Quiz result that doesn't surprise me... )
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List seven songs you are into right now. No matter the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying right now. Post these instructions, the artist, and the song in your Livejournal along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to.

I have a bit of a problem with this one. Since my iPod is mostly useless to me at the moment, I'm not actually listening to much music; when I do, it's on the treadmill with the iPod plugged into its cradle. And I have a fairly regular set of workout music. So I'll have to go with samplings from that, and/or what songs are currently regularly songvirusing me.

Jonathan Coulton - "Skullcrusher Mountain"
Russell Crowe - "Mr. Harris"
Great Big Sea - "John Barbour"
Great Big Sea - "Ordinary Day"
Joss Whedon - Firefly theme song
Carbon Leaf - "Raise the Roof"
Carbon Leaf - "Paloma"

I won't tag anyone, just because I generally don't, but spread the meme or not as you like!
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When you see this on your Friends list, quote Firefly!

Zoe: You paid money for this... On purpose?
Mal: Come on, Zoe. Serious. Whaddya think?
Zoe: Honestly, sir. I think you were robbed.

--Zoe and Mal discussing their first sight of Serenity, "Out of Gas"
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So most of Borg is at the company meeting today, except for us contractors. I've been asked to go ahead and try to do our regular testing today, but the problem with this is that I am extremely dubious that we're going to see an actual build. Given that I was told to assume that no FTE's are going to be around, if the build process breaks at all, I will have no way to actually get anything to test. Guess we'll just have to see; I was also told that if we don't have anything to test by 2pm, scram.

I suspect I will be scramming at 2pm. And I suspect I'll be poking at Lament up until then.

The Martian Death Flu has almost blown over. I still have periodic sneezes and coughs, but they are slowly decreasing in intensity, and my ability to sleep is slowly coming back as well. I am relieved. It's good to start feeling normal again.

I am now completely caught up on season 1 of Lost, though I need to watch the season 2 premiere still; it's waiting on our Tivo. I hope to watch that, along with the Battlestar Galactica summer finale and the next episode of Bones, this weekend with [ profile] mamishka. She's come down sick too, though, so here's hoping that she'll actually be up for that.

Latest read: the Serenity novelization. Spoiler-free mini-review: very good job for what it is, i.e., a media novelization. There are bits in it that aren't in the movie, which were interesting additions, and the author did a good job of changing points of view between various characters. He nicely captured the "voices" of the members of the crew, and once or twice got in some thoughts with a couple of them that were actively funny (especially with Jayne). I especially liked the bits from River's point of view, because I liked how he portrayed her thought processes and how her mind works.

Also, I read the last of the Serenity three-part comics, and my overall impression of them has not changed. Nice little story bits, but there's just not enough! They feel like five-or-ten-minute glimpses of what really ought to have been a much longer story. The art's nice, and the feel is right, but there's just not enough there.

I have an unexpectedly good Nethack game going on my laptop at home. Level 12 Rogue with gauntlets of power, a shield of reflection, and the potential to get gray dragon scale mail if I can just find or make another scroll of enchant armor. Made it through Sokoban and the Gnomish Mines, explored all the way down to the Medusa level (and promptly fled back upstairs from the titan by the stairs), and am now in search of Fort Ludios.

Tonight, we gather at the Burning Hand to celebrate the birthday of [ profile] kathrynt's mother. There will be tasty smoked meats to consume and alcholic beverages and general camaraderie and fun.

Tomorrow, I go with [ profile] mamishka to meet up with [ profile] jessicac and [ profile] kingchiron for a viewing of Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation. This ought to be fun. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's a pretty much frame-by-frame recreation of Raiders of the Lost Ark done by a bunch of kids, over the course of about six years. You can see the cast visibly growing up. Hee.

Still no word from Luna yet.

Thursday miles: 2.45 (walking)
Friday morning miles: 0.5 (walking)
Miles out of Hobbiton: 342.9
Miles to Rivendell: 115.1

And here, have a quiz!

What Cute Animal Are You? )
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[ profile] neutronjockey actually tagged me on this several days ago--I bet you thought I didn't see it, didn't you, NJ? Anyway, because I have time at work right now, here are my answers to the 20 Random Facts About You Meme.

I will not tag anyone, though, because sharing the Duck Story is reason enough for this post.

Because it's all about ME... )
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The bad news is, I'm not over the cough yet. The good news, however, is that the Delsym seems to be helping. My coughs are slowly becoming less frequent, and the times I do cough seem to be feeling like stuff is getting shaken loose, so hopefully I won't have to be dealing with this too much longer.

I think I must have burned through the leftover naturally produced thyroid hormone in my system, because over the last few days I've seen a noticeable increase in various little symptoms that suggest I'm under par with the hormone right now. I'm supposed to stay at 75mcg till a week from Tuesday, at which point I ramp up to 100mcg, though I'm rather tempted to call up the endoc and ask her if I can ramp up earlier. My weight's gone up to the point where I was pretty much at the beginning of this year, which is Extremely Irritating. I'm sure part of this is because I've been knocked flat on my ass by this stupid flu, but weight gain is also one of the symptoms of hypothyroidism. So I need to take care of both of these problems, I think, before I'll really know what's going on. Bah.

Yesterday I mostly spent dozing, playing Nethack, watching TV (we're closing in on being caught up on season 1 of Lost, and we should be on track for the season 2 premiere this Wednesday), and reading (still working through Pattern Recognition). This afternoon, [ profile] mamishka is coming over to get caught up on BSG and the pilot of Bones, and if we have time and interest, we'll start on Charlie Jade as well. This should be fun. I've bought kettle corn from the Farmer's Market as a TV-watching snack!

And speaking of Meems, time for a shameless plug! Those of you who have both of us Friended should already know this, but for those of you who don't and who are Firefly fans, Meems' episode guide for Firefly is now OUT! Check out her post on her journal about it, here. It's her own little independent episode guide, providing an overview of the universe, episode summaries, translations of various bits of Chinese dialogue, and her own critiques on the various episodes.

Also, I would like to note a simultaneously amusing and scary innovation in the land of cereal: chocolate Lucky Charms. [ profile] spazzkat bought some, and I tried it. That stuff's even scarier than the normal Lucky Charms, and I say this as someone with a major sweet tooth for that particular cereal. ;)

Saturday miles: 0.1
Sunday miles: 2.0
Miles out of Hobbiton: 335.27
Miles to Rivendell: 122.73

Last but not least, a quiz )


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