Mar. 16th, 2014

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Sorry about this taking so long, folks! This is what happens when I’m in Canada for two consecutive weekends, and then have to scramble to get caught up again with my backlog once I return.

But, that said, the random number generator has SPOKEN. The winner of the copy of Vengeance of the Hunter is Venus on Facebook, who has now been pinged with a request for her to tell me what format she’d like the book in.

Stand by for further giveaway opportunities, Internets! And again, I’m sorry this took so long!

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When you go to Canada for two consecutive weekends, Internets, you tend to get behind on posting stuff to your blog. Which means for you that I got delayed posting my writeup of the MOST excellent concert by De Temps Antan at the Rogue. But I’m home again, and posting again, so here you go!

Previously in our adventures with Festival du Bois 2014, yours truly got to chat with both Éric Beaudry AND André Brunet after the close of official festival events on Saturday night! And y’all may recall that SOMEBODY got a little creative with how he did his signature on the inside of my copy of Ce monde ici-bas!

So what happened? Full concert blow-by-blow behind the fold!

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As y’all may recall from this prior post, O Internets, I received some Plants Vs. Zombies swag from my friend Kaye! Which included this little guy, who I promptly decided required a NAME.

I have received several amusing suggestions, and now the time has come for you to decide what, in fact, I should name this zombie!

Road Cones Protect My Head

Road Cones Protect My Head

Since the poll script won’t work on LJ and Dreamwidth, if you’re seeing the post there, please be sure to click the fold link to come on over and vote! Ditto if you’re clicking over from any of the social networks. I will only count votes on the actual poll. However, don’t let this stop you from campaigning for your choices in the comments! And if you think I should add an option, by all means, campaign for that, too! I will update the poll with any further appropriate choices presented to me.

I’ll be keeping track of who sent me what suggestion, and the winner of the poll will get their choice of an EPUB or PDF of Vengeance of the Hunter! I will be running this poll until Monday, March 24th, at which point I’ll announce the winner. Vote early! Vote often! Vote ZOMBIE!

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