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Picoreview: ohhh dear. Gaeta, Gaeta, Gaeta. And, I must say, this episode's title is apt. There's a lot to be disquieted about here!

Is anybody besides [ profile] solarbird and me worried about that bit where we saw Adama popping pills?

What went through my head right then--and what's apparently already gone through Dara's--is maybe that the whole "dying leader" prophecy being about Roslin was wrong. Maybe it's about Adama.

I'm not entirely convinced of this yet, if nothing else because Roslin is still documentedly dying of cancer. Even if she's having a bit of a rally right now... well, physically, anyway. There's a worrisome manic edge about her. And while a little part of me did go "yay!" at her and Bill finally consummating their attraction, it definitely disquiets me that she's wrapped herself up in that while the Fleet is falling apart around her.

And oh my, the Fleet.

Not at all surprising that a backlash against the rebel Cylons is rolling out through the Fleet--and with Tom Zarek at its head. Very, very cool to see Zarek flexing his muscles again, and to see him stepping up to take charge of this fomenting mutiny. We get another Apollo-Off too, when he and Lee go grr at each other. It seems pretty evident at this point that part of Lee is regretting going civilian: "What the hell was I thinking? The Quorum is full of assholes!"

Still, though, it is satisfyingly Right somehow that Richard Hatch should get to play a part in the closing out of this version of Battlestar. I hope he goes out with a bang, however his going out may happen.

And GAETA. Poor, poor frakked-up Gaeta. Now we begin to see what the recent webisodes were leading into: Gaeta joining Zarek as the co-leader of the mutiny. I feel sad for the guy. He's been through so much, and it's clearly driving him batshit, not only after his experiences with that Eight on the shuttle but also on New Caprica, that the Fleet leaders seem ready to permanently ally themselves with some of the same beings that have been causing them so much grief for so long. It's got to be particularly crazy-making for him that one of his own commanding officers is himself a Cylon--the very commanding officer he was trying to work with on New Caprica.

I cannot imagine that Gaeta's going to come out of this storyline well. I do hope that he does manage to find a measure of peace before the end. Especially after that scene where he goes at it with Starbuck.

Meanwhile, how about that side plot with the Chief's son not being a Cylon baby after all?! Not expected--and yet, not surprising either, given the lack of fanfare surrounding little Nicholas, and no sign whatsoever of the same types of creepiness that have surrounded Hera. And yet, most of what I got out of that plot can be summed up thusly: "Hot Dog? Hot Dog?! Cally was frakking around with Hot Dog?!"

Ultimately though I suspect it's probably a good thing that they've done this--not only to eliminate any question of why Nicholas hasn't had the same plot attention as Hera, but also simply to set up a way to get the kid out of the immediate line of fire. I wouldn't be surprised if Hot Dog, once he gets over the initial shock, decides to take the kid full time. And I wouldn't be surprised if Tyrol would be at least in part relieved to let him do it. He's clearly got other demands on him at this point.

Speaking of Cylon babies... okay, now seeing Tigh being all beaming and paternal around Caprica!Six while she was getting an ultrasound was just weird and wrong and AIGH. Thinking about the prior scenes with them in the brig and how he hallucinated her as Ellen gives that entire relationship an extra tang of fucked-up, too. And if that theory about what's going to happen with the baby does in fact come true... WEIRD. AND. WRONG. ;)

Starbuck. Oh, Kara. Very proud of you, babe, for not clocking Gaeta in the mouth. And still wondering exactly what the hell you are.

And next week with the mutiny! So very, very much not going to end well.

Any bets that after the mutineers take over the Galactica, the rest of the Cylons are going to show up? In fact, that's about the only way I can see this resolving without massive bloodshed. I'm putting my money on a scenario where Gaeta and the mutineers kick all the Cylons as well as Adama, Roslin, and anyone sympathetic to them off the Galactica and over to the rebel base star.

Then the other Cylons are going to show up and start kicking the Fleet's ass, and then the base star will have to come in and save their bacon. Thereby letting the rebel Cylons prove that they're willing to stand up against their own kind on behalf of the Fleet.

I hope it'll play out that way, anyway!
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