Jan. 25th, 2009

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In a genre oversaturated with the creatures, it is very difficult to do anything truly unusual with vampires. Jeri Smith-Ready takes a decent shot at it, setting up a world where vampires are managed by a human agency that once hunted them. More intriguingly, they are mentally unable to break out the time period in which they'd been alive, leading to any number of tics and quirks as they have to force themselves to interact with the present. Six vampires have found the perfect way to do just that: by becoming night DJs at a radio station that lets them play the music of the periods of their former lives.

Problem is, the radio station is about to be bought out.

Into this comes Ciara, a con artist trying to go straight. Her idea to rebrand the radio station as WVMP and to tell the world that their DJs are "vampires" is genius--until older vampires bent on keeping their kind properly hidden go on the offensive against them.

It's a solid and entertaining scenario, never played too heavily nor too lightly. Ciara is likable as a heroine who's determined to use her (shady) talents for Good rather than Evil, and her relationship with the youngest of the station's vampires, Shane, is refreshingly understated as human/vampire love affairs go. The way they click over their mutual love of music is a nice touch, showing that they can like each other as people as well as lovers.

My only real disappointment with the book is that the Control, the agency that manages the vampires, didn't actually prove to be quite as shady as I half-suspected they would be, which might have added an interesting wrinkle to the overall plot. Still, though, a nice read. Four stars.
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Picoreview: ohhh dear. Gaeta, Gaeta, Gaeta. And, I must say, this episode's title is apt. There's a lot to be disquieted about here!

Spoilers denying entry to Cylons! )


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