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So I'd posted earlier about winning myself an ARC of Jessica Andersen's Dawnkeepers. This book finally showed up in the mail on Tuesday--two weeks after the book actually came out, so it's less an ARC and more an RC at this point. But I emailed her nonetheless to let her know that it had safely arrived and that I'd bumped it up to the top of my reading queue.

I also pointed her here so that she could see examples of my book review posts, and she came over and read a post or two, and then flung me more mail in delight--because she too is a Battlestar fan, and we were mutually very pleased to discover that we both could geek about this show for hours.

In the process of this she flung me a very interesting little theory that I must now share with you all!

That theory is this: Fifth Final Cylon Ellen will be reborn as the product of Tigh having gotten Caprica!Six pregnant.

I read this in her mail and my jaw dropped. Partly because I'd totally forgotten about that entire plot point, but partly also because it's sick and wrong and flat-out ZOMG that I totally would not put it past the BSG writers to have that very goal in mind.

In a warped way, it works for me. The Five have to have come from somewhere. Maybe they're the only Cylons who can breed? Maybe this is how they've actually managed to recreate themselves?
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