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Picoreview: mmm, GRIM!

Of course, it couldn't be anything BUT grim coming back from that last cliffhanger, now could it? But I gotta say, tonight's episode delivered the grim in spades, and we are definitely upholding the principle of not so much enjoying Battlestar as surviving Battlestar.

Welcome back, BSG. We missed you!

First up: Dee. Oh, honey. I certainly had my issues in the past with Dee and Lee as a couple, but oh man, what a way to go out. Sniff. And a general cry of AUGH to the writing staff for pushing the knife in just a little bit more for having her blow her brains out right after going out with Lee, too. AUGH.

Second up: Oof, the scene with Roslin burning her copy of the Pythian Prophecies. And her voice all high and strained as she told Bill not to touch her. AUGH.

Third: The look on Bill's face as Roslin told him to fuck off. He was still kind of holding it together at that point, but then Dee's shooting herself in the head sucker-punched him. Oh man, that raw agony in his face when he finds Lee there with her body. And oh Jesus, the scene where he goes to try to provoke Tigh into shooting HIM. AUGH.

Fourth: STARBUCK! Finding her OWN BODY! Extra bonus points for [ profile] solarbird and [ profile] spazzkat calling that very plot point about five minutes before it happened. Weird enough that she freaked Leoben out, not to mention the rest of us. I can hear the cry of "DA HELL?!" resounding all over Fandom tonight. Except from Dara. She was doing the I'm Right Dance as soon as the episode ended, now that we have conclusive on-screen proof that there are forces at work here besides the humans and the Cylons.

But don't worry, Kara. You're still my and Dara's crazy, crazy apocalypse harbinger of death TV girlfriend! <3

Which of course brings me around to the Cylon half of the show, and the ever so intriguing development that all of the dead bodies the landing teams were finding were Cylon. And that the Final Four1 were all remembering having lived on Earth before. Which leads in turn to the 13th Tribe having been Cylon.

AND ELLEN AS THE LAST ONE! Not so much with the seeing that coming, either!

Paul was underwhelmed by that and proclaimed it anticlimactic. Dara on the other hand liked it and proclaimed it appropriately fucked up. Me, I'm leaning towards liking it, if nothing else because it does give poor Tigh a bit of a crumb of happiness, and it raises the interesting question of whether Ellen will be reborn at some point before the series ends.

And, well, yeah, appropriately fucked up as well. No wonder their relationship was so broken during the whole show. ;)

Nice start for the final run, y'all. Keep it coming!

1 I still can't think "the Final Four" without thinking of Kentucky basketball.
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