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It is raining like a crazy raining thing in the Puget Sound area tonight. This is kind of appropriate weather, as I got another rejection on Lament of the Dove today--so this leaves me with one active query still in the air. And that means in turn that I need to get a couple more queries out this weekend. At minimum, I need to hit the next two agents on my list of agents I'm interested in; if I get really ambitious, I'll fling out a couple of paper queries as well. (But I'm not sure I'm going to get that ambitious.)

On a related note, though, I am told by [ profile] mizkit that the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Colorado Gold contest is absolutely worth the time and money, so I will be preparing Lament to head in that direction over this weekend as well. I figure at minimum, I'm willing to put down the entry fee if it'll get me an interesting critique. More than that would, of course, be cake.

On the good side, though, I had lunch with [ profile] casirafics today, and we writer-geeked, and fandom-geeked, and expressed our mutual pleasure over the resumption of Battlestar Galactica tonight and Doctor Who tomorrow. Tasty truffles were purchased from the Dilettante Cafe after. Mine were eaten on the way back to work. Yum. ;)

Meanwhile, I will be making a pilgrimage to Dusty Strings tomorrow to finally get a replacement D string for my bouzouki, and hopefully also, replacement tuning pegs for the guitar. And [ profile] solarbird and I want to practice some on the Meg Davis song "Elf Glade" we've been playing in Jam, which should be fun.

And there will be BSG, and the Doctor, and [ profile] spazzkat has The Mist in on the Netflix queue, and that should be fun to watch tomorrow night. There are also rumors of a musical outing on Sunday afternoon; more on this on Sunday.

Tonight, though, I'll be enjoying my reunion with my and Dara's TV girlfriend, Starbuck!

Miles since (holy crap, has it really been this long since I did an exercise update?) January 13th: 171.7
Miles out of Hobbiton: 2756.2
Miles out of the Morannon: 39.2
Miles to Minas Tirith: 80.8
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First up: someone does a LOLCutter on [ profile] elfquest, and lo, it is the Win.

Second: the 2008 Hugo nominations are out! I haven't actually read any of the contenders for Best Novel this year, though I am eying the Scalzi and the Stross, to be sure. And I must also admit that I looked at the blurb on Rollback in the store, and the concept sounded interesting. I may well indeed have to check out the reviews going around on these books.

However, I'd like to call your all's attention to the delightful list of contenders for Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form:

Battlestar Galactica "Razor" Written by Michael Taylor Directed by Félix Enríquez Alcalá and Wayne Rose (Sci Fi Channel) (televised version, not DVD)

Doctor Who "Blink" Written by Stephen Moffat Directed by Hettie Macdonald (BBC)

Doctor Who "Human Nature" / "Family of Blood" Written by Paul Cornell Directed by Charles Palmer (BBC)

Star Trek New Voyages "World Enough and Time" Written by Michael Reaves & Marc Scott Zicree Directed by Marc Scott Zicree (Cawley Entertainment Co. and The Magic Time Co.)

Torchwood "Captain Jack Harkness" Written by Catherine Tregenna Directed by Ashley Way (BBC Wales)

I am particularly delighted by the Doctor Who squareoff, and am hopeful that [ profile] paulcornell2 will score the win despite the excellent competition from Mr. Moffat--just because a) Mr. Cornell is awesome, and b) as I gushed before, David Tennant's performance in that two-parter was incredible.

However, I am genuinely unsure whether either of these will pull ahead of the competition!

And last but not least, Juno says no on Faerie Blood, but this was another favorable rejection, purely a "not to my taste" thing. I can deal with that. Now I'll just have to figure out where else I have left to send this one while I'm querying Lament of the Dove; DAW's most likely. We'll see.
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I finally remembered, since I have a few moments, to check the official BSG site for when Season 4 premieres. And in nice large red letters, it says up there that Season 4 commences on April 4th!

That's two weeks from now, folks--and, as it happens, the exact same weekend that Doctor Who kicks back in as well. The Doctor will be IN on April 5th.

That weekend should, accordingly, rock.
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As previously promised, here's my detailed reaction to Razor now that the thing's actually aired on the Sci-Fi channel! It held up well for [ profile] solarbird and me on a second viewing, too.

Flashback-flippy spoilers back here... )
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[ profile] solarbird and I went to the sneak preview of the 2-hour BSG movie Razor, as per my earlier post on the topic. And oh my yes, that was a lot of fun. ^_^

About the movie itself: I won't go into too much detail, since we are under two weeks away from the broadcast date (Saturday, 11/24, mark yer calendars and set your DVRs, troops). But I will say that it was awesome to see Battlestar on the big screen. We get a lot of backstory that isn't any real surprise to anyone who's been with the series since Season Two. We get several interesting questions raised about things to come in Season Four. We get one previously interesting bit of potential subtext turned into outright text, which simultaneously delighted me and disappointed me, and I shall comment more on that when the thing actually airs. We get a flashback clear back to the days of the First Cylon War and a certain Lieutenant "Husker" Adama, which was very cool. And best of all, there's some bits towards the end where the plotline suddenly goes quite old school, and that provoked a wave of delighted cheers from our audience.

Once the credits rolled we got a sneak preview of Season Four, which is quite promising, as well as an ad for the Razor DVD--which is going to be worth buying even for those of us who attended this sneak preview, because it's got extra footage in it. I'll definitely be buying this thing when it goes on sale in December.

Afterwards, there was a raffle of free swag. Neither Dara nor I won anything, but it was nevertheless amusing to see sweatshirts handed out for the new Xbox game Mass Effect, which is about to go on sale. Three Halo-3-branded Zunes were handed out, and the biggest ticket item was an Xbox 360.

But the cool part of the gifts being handed out was zomg surprise Apollo. :D Jamie Bamber himself was there, along with Stephanie Jacobsen, the actress who plays Kendra Shaw, a central character in the Razor plotline. Dara and I both did happy doubletakes at the sight of Mr. Bamber walking into the theater; even though he was wearing a suit and had his hair longer and darker than we typically see it on the show, he still looked very, very Apollo-ish from a distance. Didn't sound it quite so much once he started talking, but oh, his accent is delightful.

He talked about how the show was about to go dark due to the writer's strike, but also expressed his support and that of the cast for the WGA cause, which was cool to hear. And he introduced several important people in the audience, provoking a wave of applause, and also talked about how he too found it cool to see Battlestar on the big screen for the first time. But the best thing of all that he said was about how Razor was showing in the twelve biggest cities in the country... and Seattle. Because we are, and I quote, "the geek capital of the world"!

You heard it straight from Apollo himself, folks. SO SAY WE ALL!
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Snurched from [ profile] casirafics, I bring you They're apparently doing a limited-release showing of the upcoming two-hour movie Razor in theaters.

That's right folks, big screen Battlestar.

[ profile] solarbird, [ profile] spazzkat, and I are so there.
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A PSA for those of you who have been following Blood Ties: the next episode due to air is now available on iTunes as a free download. Here's hoping that the show comes back a little more solid than the last couple episodes I watched. Thanks to [ profile] seimaisin and [ profile] hederahelix for the heads up on that! And speaking of TV-related PSAs, here's an advance warning for the BSG fans on my Friends list: "Razor", the two-hour Pegasus flashback movie, will be airing on the Sci-Fi channel on 11/24. I'm actually way more interested in seeing that than the resumption of Blood Ties, but I'll take both.

On a related note, I have finished plowing through Season Three, Volume One of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. Muahaha. We're getting into hardcore crazyland by now, enough that the small number of reasonably sane episodes in this volume are actually kind of boring; one suspects that the writers were all going "Ah, hell, we did this idea in season 1. Back to the Monster of the Week!" The volume ended with a semi-sane episode, though. I think it was trying to lull me into a false sense of security before I dive into Volume Two later this month. Bring it, Irwin! I'm ready for the Mummy and the Mermaid and the Fossil Men! ;)

Until I get more cheesy Voyage goodness, though, I've been trying to do productive this this weekend. Errands have been run. Checkbooks have been balanced. Laundry has been done. Kittens have been well and thoroughly played with. My guitar has been tuned up again, and practiced upon; to my delight, I found I was able to play along with Heather Alexander's "Tomorrow We Leave for Battle" fairly well, and the rhythm line for the non-solo bits of "Faerie Queen" was surprisingly easy, with only three, count 'em, three chords. (I still need to replace the B string, though, and I still need to restring the bouzouki.) And I am pleased to have found [ profile] rachelcaine's Midnight Alley down at Third Place Books. Not going to read it quite yet since I'm still working on The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, which is getting weirder the farther I get into it.

Tomorrow is my next medical appointment, which means I'll be late to work. We'll have to see how many other disruptions I get to have to my schedule this week; more on this in another post.

Miles since the 4th: 2.2
Miles out of Hobbiton: 2387.1
Miles out of Isengard: 594.1
Miles to Minas Tirith: 191.9
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To steal an idea from [ profile] technosage, I thought that in honor of International Blog Against Racism Week, I would take some time to squee about favorite characters of color in my various fandoms.

In Elfquest, Rayek and Ember. Rayek because I spent several years roleplaying him on Two Moons MUSH--I in fact still have a lot of the roleplay logs. (I play Rayek in those up through 1998 or so.) I loved Rayek a lot for starting off an arrogant jerk and maturing eventually into a humbler yet still highly motivated elf. As for Ember, I really liked her storylines trying to grow up in the shadow of her famous chieftain father, not to mention her brother packing more magical power than anyone in their tribe had ever seen. Some of the best RP I ever did on Two Moons, in fact, was as Rayek--in no small part due to [ profile] eveshka and [ profile] mizkit.

In Firefly, Zoe. Because, well, duh. I loved every deadpan line she had playing off of Mal, as well as her loving and vigorous relationship with her husband.

In Doctor Who, Martha. Out of respect for those of you who have not yet seen the full third season of New Who featuring Martha as Tenth Doctor's Companion, I will simply say that she is made entirely of awesome.

In Battlestar Galactica, Sharon Agathon, a.k.a. Athena, the cooler iteration of the Boomer series of characters.

And, of course, in classic Star Trek we have Uhura, the voice of the Enterprise. Because she is a musician, because I loved the old Trek novel Uhura's Song (and the feline sentient who took on the name Another StarFreedom in Uhura's honor), and because, let's face it, her hottest moment ever was whipping out that knife on evil!Sulu in "Mirror, Mirror". ;)
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BSG 2.18, "Downloaded", is up for Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form! But here's the kicker--it's up against not one, not two, but four episodes of Doctor Who: "Girl in the Fireplace", "School Reunion", and the thermonuclear pairing of "Army of Ghosts" and "Doomsday".

Damn. I mean, damn. That's hard.

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Snurched from [ profile] gamera_spinning, here is a quite interesting interview with Ron Moore regarding the BSG season finale and a few hints of what's to come. Chock full of spoilerage, of course, so don't peek if you haven't seen the finale yet!

And don't peek at these thoughts, either... )
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Daaaaaaaaaamn, that was something now, wasn't it? And we have to wait till 2008 for more?! AIGH!

Spoilers in the court! )
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Well, that was kind of random and full of characters who just seemed to me to be shadows of their former selves, and arguing with one another for the sake of arguing. And yet, it raised several intriguing questions.

Spoilers waiting to be called before the court... )
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I knew he was coming courtesy of seeing it posted on [ profile] whedonesque, but it was still kind of weird and cool to see the dude who'd played Badger on Firefly guest-starring in tonight's Battlestar. Complete with the same accent! And this was mostly a filler episode, but with some definite sniffle-inducing moments....

Spoilers filched when you weren't looking... )
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Holy crap. Well now, that was interesting, now wasn't it?

Spoilers underneath the clouds... )
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So for the last couple of weeks, checking, I'd been seeing hints of rain/snow showers over upcoming days. "Hah," I laughed, having long experienced the folly of believing anything on the 10-day outlook on, at least when pertaining to the Pacific Northwest. "I'll believe it when I see it."

Today I saw it. On the way into work this morning we had small sputtery flakes trying to get going, and partway through the morning [ profile] solarbird informed me that it was snowing like crazy in Shoreline. When she got home (ahead of me, as per usual), she reported that Kenmore had also seen a bit of accumulation, but it didn't really start up again until shortly before my usual time to come home. By then we were getting sort of snowy-icy pellets, a bit too strong to be a flurry but not yet sticking to anything.

As I write this, it is now snowing like mad in Kenmore and the road our driveway rolls down into has been pretty well covered. It'll be interesting to see whether this keeps up all night, and indeed whether I'll get to make it into work tomorrow, or whether we'll have to call a snow day. (Considering how distracting things at work have been this week, I'd actually get more done if I could VPN in from home!)

It's very, very weird anyway seeing this kind of snow on the last day of February here. Dara snorted when I said this and staunchly insisted that February is still winter. I agree with her on that, but most of the time Seattle doesn't!

Meanwhile, I have finished the seventh Aubrey-Maturin novel, The Surgeon's Mate, and we did watch the last BSG, "Dirty Hands". Commentary on both of these will be forthcoming. And oh yes, I made it to Isengard!

Sunday through Wednesday miles: 13.3
Miles out of Hobbiton: 1803.8
Miles out of Isengard: 10.8
Miles to Minas Tirith: 775.2
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Been a while since I did a proper BSG post, so here we go! Kind of a soap-opera-y type episode to come back in on for commentary, and it weirded me out in some ways, surprised me in a couple others, and made me vaguely ill at ease in a few more.

Spoilers in the airlock... )
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Once more into the breach with a lot of things going splody, startling developments amongst the Cylons, an impressive little act of sacrifice, and enough love-quadrangle wangst to fill a base star!

Spoilers coming up on the Dradis, Admiral... )
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I've seen this all over my Friends list this week already, but nevertheless, YAY Dresden Files this weekend! Please oh please oh please, TV gods, don't let the Dresden Files suck. I will be most put out if the Skiffy Channel does not do our Harry justice!

Also, as a general PSA to the Battlestar fans on my Friends list, don't forget that BSG now lives on Sunday nights and will follow Harry, so we all have to adjust our schedules accordingly. Note to Self: must also go back and watch "Unfinished Business", since I never did get caught up on that episode. I hear tell I missed quite a bit.

Work-wise, the week's been entirely strange. I did actually make it in to work on Tuesday despite the exciting weather, though there were some souls who didn't. And then we all stayed up until oh-god-no-thirty Tuesday night to try to finish up the Vampire Project That Would Not Die--we did actually push it live, though it had some problems still. I wound up falling into bed when I usually get up, which roused [ profile] solarbird to remark that that was entirely Stupid. I agreed. And then promptly slept until noon, stumbled off to catch the bus and missed it, and so grumpily went over to Lake Forest Park Town Center to snag a bite to eat before catching the next one. I made it to work by 2:30, and pretty much hung out for an hour until I had to turn right around again and go to the dentist to have the appointment that I'd had to cancel over and over and over. My lead-type actually offered me a day off, but I had to regretfully turn it down since there's just too much to do. The Vampire Project keeps turning up things that went wrong in the deployment, all of which need addressing. And we've got newer projects about to ramp up, too.

But at least this weekend there will be new Battlestar. And Harry. Please oh please oh please don't let the Dresden Files suck!

Tuesday through Friday miles: 12.4
Miles out of Hobbiton: 1699.3
Miles out of Rauros Falls: 390.3
Miles to Isengard: 93.7
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As I exulted on Friday night, the new James Bond flick rocked. That's what [ profile] solarbird, [ profile] spazzkat, and I did on Friday night, and to that post I will add that we had the obligatory pre-flick wandering around Barnes & Noble so's to kill time before we went and got in the line. I was very pleased to score myself a copy of Lindsey Davis' The Silver Pigs, which [ profile] cafiorello had recommended, a long time ago. It looks like they're starting to reprint the initial books of that series, so yay! I also picked up another Young Dubliners CD, Absolutely. I really want to find the Seven Nations album Thanks for Waiting, but I've had a devil of a time finding it in local stores. I may have to wind up ordering that one. Foo.

My next purchase will of course be Courage & Patience & Grit, the release date for which is so very, very nigh that I may just break out into random squealage over the next 48 hours.

Meanwhile, I have done a Charlaine Harris doubleheader, reading Grave Sight, the first of her new series, and Dead as a Doornail, the fifth Sookie Stackhouse. I quite liked Grave Sight, and am not sure what I thought about Dead as a Doornail. Particularly weird was seeing the heroine of Harris' other series, the Lily Bard books, show up in this one--and apparently married to her love interest, which made me go "buh huh what did I miss something over there in those other books?" Also, while I continue to be grateful that the Sookies haven't gone the way of the Anita Blakes--i.e., sacrificed plot in favor of supernatural sexual hijinxs--I'm getting vaguely weary of her being the lust pursuit of every single supernatural guy she meets. I've counted six different guys over the series so far who have had, are having, or who are about to have a relationship with her. Just once, I'd like to see at least one major supernatural male character show up in the plot, in a non-villain capacity, and not want to date Sookie.

Battlestar Galactica has also been watched, despite my lack of commentary posts lately. Blame that on Nanowrimo, though I'm still mulling over what I thought of the last two episodes. We'll see how things settle out again once the end of the month draws nigh.

The annual Murkworks Homeless Waifs Thanksgiving Day Turkeyfest is also drawing nigh! Mmm, turkey. I'm vaguely bummed I don't have the Friday after Turkey Day off anymore, though. I'd take it anyway, except I promised to go ahead and come in. Hopefully I can still get away early. ;)

And oh yes--Faerie Blood has now passed the two-month mark at Baen. I'd be more excited about this if I thought they'd actually read it yet, since I also know their posted turnaround time is something on the order of nine to twelve months! If I hear back on it any time before then, I'll consider myself lucky. But here's hoping.

Monday through Sunday miles: 16.4
Miles out of Hobbiton: 1545.3
Miles out of Rauros Falls: 236.3
Miles to Isengard: 247.7
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Another belated BSG post, which as I suspected got delayed by Nanowrimo kicking in. But I wanted to get this out before the next one airs!

Spoilers... )


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