Mar. 20th, 2009

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I came home to find that [ profile] spazzkat had found an old Richard Basehart movie, Fourteen Hours, broadcasting on TCM, from 1951. This was amusing to me of course thanks to my Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea fandom, not to mention the automatic reaction that the name "Richard Basehart" triggers in any loyal MST3K fan.

This movie's thirteen years before Voyage, so Basehart's only 37, and I am bemused to make the following observations about him:

1) Basehart was actually kinda hot at age 37. I knew he was kinda hot anyway; at least in early Voyage he got a little bit of smooching mileage with occasional women showing up in plots.

2) He was also not a half bad actor at all, at least not in this. His character's this dude who spends fourteen hours on a ledge in New York, threatening to commit suicide, and the police and mostly everybody else around the hotel too go batshit trying to talk him down. I'm really rather impressed by his portrayal in at least the part of the movie we've watched tonight. His body language for the role is excellent; he's this twitching bundle of nervousness, and he's positively radiating misery. It's particularly effective since he's young enough here to still look kind of youthful.

(Not quite young enough to really be a dewy-eyed boy; he's got a bit of the chunkiness around his jaw that he had later on in Voyage, but he still looks faintly youthful in this movie nonetheless. And it's funny too to hear his character called "kid".)

Tivo just demanded to jump over and start recording the re-broadcast of last week's BSG, so we're letting it do that--so I'll have to watch the rest of this movie another time. But I'm also amused to note that it's actually got several other credible actors and actresses in it, too: Jeffrey Hunter (the dude who played Pike in old Trek), Agnes Moorehead (Endora from Bewitched), Barbara Bel Geddes (Miss Ellie from Dallas), and Grace Kelly. Wow.

Now suddenly Gypsy's longstanding crush makes a little more sense. ;)

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Just got done watching the BSG finale. I'll post more in depth thoughts about it tomorrow, but for now I want to say this:

Thank you, Battlestar. You've been frustratingly inconsistent a lot of the time--but from the first frame to the last, you've kept me coming back for more.

Thanks for four years of some damn fine entertainment. You're going to be missed so very, very much.


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