Dec. 17th, 2008

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When I see a National Weather Service winter storm warning hovering over my immediate area, y'know what I expect to see show up with it?


No sign of new snow yet here in Kenmore. I'm informed that Kirkland is clear, too, so my medical appointments for the morning are still on. The Times says this morning that the Seattle metropolitan area apparently managed to escape snow overnight due to a "shadow effect" of the Olympics, and that practically everybody around us got snow instead. Which is why the Seattle school districts are closed. (Yeah, I don't get it either.)

Anyway, off to medical appointments and then possibly to shopping. We'll see if any snow shows up while I'm out.
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[ profile] solarbird and I got up this morning to hear on the radio, to our mutual bemusement, that Seattle schools had been closed. This was confusing on the grounds that there had been no new snow in the general Seattle metropolitan area overnight, including in Kenmore.

But, as the Times has observed today, Seattle gets pretty pitiful at even the threat of snow.

I made it out to the appointments just fine, with nary a flake to be seen when I got to Kirkland for this morning's saline fill (which went fine, and Dr. McMillan says the next one will be the last one) and oncologist followup (which also went fine, and Dr. Kohn wants me to come back in March for a followup mammogram and breast MRI). It was also considerably warmer than it had been on Monday when Dara and I went down to the shops. Still a bit nippy and windy, though.

So I headed over to Northgate to run a few errands, and noted a few random bits of precipitation on the windshield on the way. Noticeably windier by the time I left there. And lots of clouds blowing around on the way home along Lake City Way.

I got home before anything interesting happened, thankfully. Around 4pm we had some sleety-haily mix start up, enough to drop a lot of slush on the steps, the side yard patio, and the driveway leading down into the street. That should freeze up right good overnight. And by right good I mean wow I'm glad I don't have to go anywhere tomorrow.

As of 4:30 or so it shifted to genuine snow. So now we're finally seeing some action. It remains to be seen as to how long this'll keep up tonight.
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Battlestar Galactica: The Miniseries is one of the free ebooks I got off the site in its promotion for going live. It's pretty much what the title advertises: a novelization of the story depicted in the opening miniseries for BSG.

Carver does a decent enough job putting the story into prose, but it's a very straightforward translation; there's nothing added to the story here. When I read a novelization of a TV show or movie, I'm generally hoping for something new to enhance what I saw in visual form, such as deleted scenes that didn't make it into the final cut. With the exception of an alias used by the Six who leads Gaius Baltar into betraying the human race, all the details in here were very familiar. Plus, the prose itself was very sparse. This was fitting for the general fast-paced nature of the story, but it also kept the reading experience from bringing anything new to me.

If like me you're already an established fan of the show, you can skip this one unless you're bored. If you're not an established fan and you don't have access to the DVDs, though, you might consider checking this out for an introduction to the series. Overall, three stars.
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For those of you who aren't already watching them, the BSG site is now running another series of 10 webisodes. These ones feature Gaeta and two of the Eights. Episodes 1-3 are now posted.

Also, they have a trailer up for Caprica, which will be premiering in 2010. Possible point of interest in that trailer seems to be the rise of the technology that gave us the humanoid Cylons, so yeah, I'll be at least giving that a glance when it comes out.


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