Apr. 5th, 2008

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It has been way, way too long since [livejournal.com profile] solarbird and I set foot in Dusty Strings, and it was a delight to go back today for various and sundry instrument missions.

First and foremost was to get a new high D string on the bouzouki, which was accomplished with reasonably little headache. It would have been ideal if I'd been able to bring in the broken string for comparison purposes--but not vital, it turned out. The guy at the store found me a replacement in short order. So now Spring is in full voice again, yay! This should make playing "Lukey" a different experience in Jam, now.

Second mission, more important: new tuning pegs for Ragamuffin, my guitar. This was partly a cosmetic issue, but also a functional one, since the pegs on the instrument were very old and stiff and creaky, and a couple of them were bent as well. I had initially thought I was going to have to leave the instrument in their repair shop, but no--Dara's plan was simply to get the appropriate replacement parts, and she'd do the swap herself. Since she'd already done the work necessary to get the instrument playable in the first place, she didn't anticipate this being a problem. Happily, the store had a couple of different sets of pegs available. We opted for the $20 pair, partly because they looked cooler and partly because Dara thought they just looked more solidly constructed, as least as far as she could tell just by visual inspection.

While we were at it, we also got an entirely new set of strings for the guitar and the little mandolin, which is now Dara's--I gave it to her, an act which continues to please me every time I see her exploring its capabilities. She'd gone ahead and brought that instrument on this mission with us as well, since one of the strings was being difficult for her to tune. Turned out that the store guy advised her to replace all the strings. Given that I'd never restrung that instrument completely myself--I'd only swapped out maybe one or two of them at different points--it was high time for the thing to get new strings.

And! We both got new picks, and I got a new shoulder strap to put on the bouzouki, since we have four playable instruments with strings between us, and we'd previously had only three straps. All in all, it was a very fruitful expedition.

Much instrument restringing has happened this afternoon. Rags is now wearing his new pegs and strings; the strings look really rather cool, too. They're D'Addarios, which is a switch since I previously had Augustines on it. The coolest part, though? The upper strings are BLACK. So now Rags has got half black strings and half silver ones, in addition to the new pegs.

Tuning with the new pegs is pretty neat, too. It's a little weird doing this without any squeaky noises, and with turns that are so much easier. I'm sure this is contributing to the strings holding their tones better, too; they're still slipping and I have to keep tuning them to get them to stay on pitch, but they're not slipping quite as fast as the Augustines with the previous tuning mechanisms did.

All in all, as Dara has said, Rags has levelled up. <3
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Last night [livejournal.com profile] spazzkat and I opted to watch The Mist instead of BSG. That was at least at the time the Wrong Decision, given that The Mist's ending absolutely blows.

However, it meant that we also got to watch BSG and the Doctor back to back tonight. Separate posts are forthcoming on both of these. However, this one is for the following Doctor-related PSAs:

1) The Sarah Jane Adventures will be airing starting next week on the Sci-Fi channel!

2) And, apparently the new Doctor season is airing in the States a lot sooner than I'd anticipated. During BSG, I noted an ad for the season premiere on April 18th. So if you don't want to go the Bittorrent route, turns out you don't have to wait too much longer after all.

Yay all around!
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Not sure what I think about the first episode out of the gate; it wasn't quite as spectacular as I might have hoped for, after this long of a wait. At least one thing in it was actively annoying in that psych-got-ya! fashion. On the other hand, there were also some things of active interest.

The spoilers are THIS WAY! Seriously! They're over HERE! )
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Well now, that was just chock full of fun and interesting, now wasn't it?

I'm from the Health and Spoilers Department... )


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