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Another late review post, just because I've had to ration out what brain I have available across the week. But! I want to get this written up before we actually watch the next episode. ;)

Picoreview: Nothing terribly surprising in the Starbuck plot, some nice tear-jerky bits with Apollo, and oh my the situation on the Cylon side just got real, real interesting.

So, then! Apollo!

Very nice to see his fellow viper pilots give him that send off, as well as the full, more formal salute later when he actually leaves Galactica. The scene with Kara in the brig made me go "aww" and get a little sniffy for what might have been, and hell, I even have to admit that the bit with Dee was kind of sweet even though I never was a Lee/Dee shipper.

I do wonder, though--I have no idea how Lee now being a civilian is going to contribute to the overall plot arc, and what's up with this whole idea of him just feeling like he has to do it without knowing why, anyway? On this show, any motive can be suspect. Hee. Though it is worth noting that this would take the Fleet in the direction of a situation [ profile] solarbird proposed ages ago, to wit, President Lee Adama, and Admiral Kara Thrace commanding the Galactica. ;)

Next up, more shh-sekrit meetings amongst the Four as they try to figure out how to proceed with themselves. General snerking for the whole idea of Tory trying to lay down the charm on Baltar to see if she can find out what he knows--and whether he's the last of their number. The fact that Tory actually goes at it with Gaius, not to mention her weeping in his arms and the sharp reaction she had to his babblings about music, leads me to think nah, Baltar's not the last. That seems way too obvious a choice.

Meanwhile, we've got Kara flipping right the frak out, to the extent that she breaks into Adama's quarters and damn near makes Laura shoot her. Really good, tense scene, that. I really liked how she just handed her the gun and ordered her to shoot her if she doesn't trust her. Excellent demonstration of how exactly things have changed between them, that it's come to that.

And to go with that, equally excellent confrontation between Kara and Adama in the brig. He is, after all, her father figure on this boat. It's therefore no surprise to me at all that he wound up breaking Kara out and giving her a ship and sending her off on a sekrit ninja mission to find the way to Earth. I expect Presidential flip-outage when Roslin finds out. Which of course she will.

Last but oh my definitely not least, oh my. CYLON CIVIL WAR, baby!

It was good to at last get some model numbers assigned to the rest of the known Cylon models. We knew before who the Sixes, the Eights, the Threes, and the Fives were. Now we also know that Cylon Al (aheh) represents the Ones, Starbuck's psychoboy stalker represents the Twos, and the doctor on Caprica who'd worked on Starbuck represents the Fours.

Interesting that the number progression goes One through Six and then Eight here, as opposed to One through Seven. This means that the Five are Seven, Nine, Ten, Eleven, and Twelve. It also leads me to wonder if there are actually entire model lines of each of the Final Five--that seems wrong somehow, if they've been so secret up until now that the entire Cylon culture has considered it taboo to speak of them. The whole taboo thing works a lot better for me if the Five are unique.

And man oh man oh man that last scene where Caprica!Six comes in with the centurions, and she has such a look of anguish on her face since she knows what's about to happen. And then the dawning horror on the faces of One and Two and Four as they clue in. And the oh shit juxtaposition of the centurions whipping their guns into firing position while Six asks grimly, "How do you think that made them feel?"

Extra snicker as well for Six having to add "please" to that last order she gave them, too.

Wow. Now to see how this little revolt is going to spread through the Cylon Fleet. And that trailer for next week--what exactly is the "all" that's going to get revealed, HMM? Here we thought all this time that Cally was the Cylon and that she'd given birth to another toaster baby--we were RIGHT! Muaha! Only he's a toaster baby because of Dad! ;)
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