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Not sure what I think about the first episode out of the gate; it wasn't quite as spectacular as I might have hoped for, after this long of a wait. At least one thing in it was actively annoying in that psych-got-ya! fashion. On the other hand, there were also some things of active interest.

Let me get the annoying thing out of the way first: the daydream or whatever the hell it was where Tigh was transfixed on the bridge, imagining himself shooting Adama while Adama was actually bellowing orders at him to get all possible vipers airborne. That was a definite HA-PSYCH-GOT-YA moment, and the way the played it, that was way more emphasized than the admittedly appropriate worry on Tigh's part that he might suddenly up and pop Adama one now that he knows he's really a Cylon.

Now, that said--very interesting watching the Four try to figure out what the hell they're going to do now. So far they seem to be well and thoroughly in the camp of "the hell with the rest of the Cylons, we're still supporting Galactica". And there is of course the big question of whether they're going to have to continue to hide themselves or what. I cannot imagine that if four of the most high profile people on the ship suddenly up and announced, "OH HAI we're Cylons," Roslin would be firing up the button on the nearest airlock.

The scene where Sam and Kara have their little exchange about this very topic was particularly telling, too--'cause ouch, that look on Sam's face when Kara told him she'd put a bullet between his eyes if she found out he was a Cylon. RIGHT THEN, Kara won't be finding this out until either season mid-point or season end. Maybe mid-point, that feels about right. ;)

Meanwhile, we have Baltar being set up as a messiah figure. No real surprise with how that played out, especially the bit with the kid mysteriously recovering from his illness. I did however specifically like that Baltar was unwavering in his readiness to die in the boy's stand, not to mention the WTF? look on the face of the guy threatening him in the loo as he begged him to go ahead and kill him.

The real question here is, of course, the question that has been plaguing us all since the very first episode: what the frak is Ethereal!Six, and what entities or powers does she represent? Whatever Team Six is up to, they're clearly now upping the ante by putting Baltar into a position to start himself a One True God cult.

Next interesting tidbit: the Cylon raider scanning Sam and then the whole attack mysteriously turning around and retreating. Very, very interesting, especially in conjunction with the trailer for next week's episode and brewing conflict among the Cylons. What exactly did scanning Sam tell them and what are they going to do about it?

Last but most definitely not least: YAY STARBUCK! Her mysterious return is certainly bringing back recollections in the Murk household of the Ship of Lights from original BSG, and how Apollo got hijacked by that. Suspicions are strong amongst us that the new BSG equivalent of that is now coming into play.

This ought to be fun. Galactica crew, good to have you back.
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