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For those of you on my jamming group’s mailing list, if you haven’t already seen the reminder I sent earlier this week, don’t forget that we are JAMMING on Sunday at the Murkworks! Be there or miss out on seeing my shiny new guitar. Not to mention nomming of tasty, tasty pie!

Please sing out if you haven’t already told me you’re coming, so I know how much tasty, tasty pie to get!

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In which I celebrate the hitting of a deadline by resuming Jam; in which we have a brand new Jammer and fellow GBS fan showing up to join us; in which we have a bit of an audience with my visiting friend from Norway; and in which we break in some stuff we’ve never played before, go us! Songs: “Ferryland Sealer”, “Mari-Mac”, “Cap in Hand”, “Skullcrusher Mountain”, “Goin’ Up”, “Dryad’s Promise”, “Captain Kidd”.

This was the first Jam we had in some time, although not quite as long as it’s been since my last Jam Report post–because I was a lame-o and never did post a proper report for the last one. This is me attempting to do better this time, especially since this was a particularly fine Jam!

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In which we have a tiny Jam but a huge Jam’s worth of tasty snacks; in which we expand our musical horizons by breaking out a little Queen; and in which we celebrate the new Trek flick by breaking out the most infamous filk song there is. Songs: “By and By”, “Captain Kidd”, “Goin’ Up”, “Elf Glade, “‘39″, “Outbirds”, “Stars”, “Banned from Argo”.

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Next Jam: we don’t know yet! The rest of May is full of important weekend events, not the least of which will be Folklife, so we’re not jamming again until some time in June. Watch this space for updates. And tasty baked goods. Because mmmmm cake.

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In which we make up for not having jammed for a whole month with a vengeance; in which the fabulous [ profile] mamishka rejoins us from her sojourn in the East; in which [ profile] sutures1 also returns with her much-missed dulcimer; and in which new folk join us! Songs: "Elf Glade", "Thought You Knew", "Mari-Mac", "Brian Boru", "Road to Lisdoonvarna", "Staten Island", "Lukey", "Captain Kidd", "The Night Pat Murphy Died", "Chemical Worker's Song", "Trois Navires de Ble".

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Next Jam is the 10th. Look for the word from your faithful Jam Reporter then!
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In which I apparently spaced completely on posting the Jam Report from 3/1, so this one skips numbering; in which I really don't have the vocal muscle for "Mari-Mac" yet; in which zombies make yet another appearance; and in which I get the delivery of the final chord of "Stars" right on the dot. Songs: "Mari-Mac", "Fine Brains for Zombies", "The Chemical Worker's Song (Process Man)", "Duncan's Dance", "Elf Glade", "Pirate Bill and Squidly", "Stars".

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Next Jam will be April 5th. As always, if any locals would like to come by and hang out for casual music and pie, let me know!
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In which [ profile] solarbird, [ profile] cflute, [ profile] pocketnaomi, and I hold a tiny but quite effective Jam, and in which it is an afternoon of new instruments all around, including violin and piano! Songs: "Captain Kidd", "Brian Maru", "Duncan's Dance", "Clockwork Waltz", "Cherry Tree Station", "Stars".

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The next Jam is again in three weeks by Callie and Naomi's request, since they're about to get hit with a very busy schedule. So we're aiming for March 1st. As always, any locals on my Friends list want to come by, ping me. There's always room for more. Special note for next time, though: Callie and Naomi are hosting!
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In which we have two waves of jamming as folks show up, in which Naomi breaks in a new and nifty song, and in which Billy Bragg is too awesome for my guitar. Songs: "Goin' Up", "The Last Saskatchewan Pirate", "Stars", "You Woke Up My Neighborhood", "Least of My Kind", "Elf Glade", "Nemesis", "The Chemical Worker's Song (Process Man)", "Will You Come Back Home?", "You Woke Up My Neighborhood" (round 2), "Mononoke Neko".

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Next Jam is February 8th, since Conflikt is coming up. More music to come in three weeks!
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In which those of us available post-Christmas have us a Jam to further break in the newer guitars; in which I break out "Old Black Rum" to do something else in D; and in which [ profile] pocketnaomi gets comfier with "Elf Glade" vocals. Songs: "Captain Kidd", "Old Black Rum", "Elf Glade", "Chemical Worker's Song (Process Man)", "Lukey".

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Next Jam and the first of 2009 is January 11. As always, if any of y'all reading this want in on the Jam, RSVP by dropping a comment and letting me know you're coming so we know how much pie to get!
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In which [ profile] kendaer and [ profile] pocketnaomi take another couple rounds breaking in their new guitars; in which [ profile] solarbird and I are seized by the irresistible urge to Bring It; in which I still can't sing "Lukey" in G even if I can play the chords in my sleep; and in which I inch ever closer to being badassed enough for "Elf Glade". Songs: "Captain Kidd", "Duncan's Dance", "Lukey", "Goin' Up", "Process Man", "Elf Glade".

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The next Jam is tentatively pencilled in for the 28th, the first weekend after Christmas. A mini-Jam is expected, but any of you local types out there with instruments are welcome to show if you're around. Just give me a heads up if you want to join in!
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In which we have a small but surprisingly guitar-heavy Jam today; in which [ profile] kendaer and [ profile] pocketnaomi get a chance to practice chord changes; and in which I learn that it's hard to channel Alan Doyle slowly. Songs: "Captain Kidd", "Process Man", "Elf Glade", "When You Leave", "Artifacts You'll Never See", "Zombie Taylor".

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Next Jam's going to be in three weeks, since next week is Orycon, and the week after is the weekend after American Thanksgiving, so everybody in the jamming group is likely to be in a turkey coma. So we'll meet again on December 7th. Anybody wants in I'm not already emailing about this, sing out!
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I just found what I want to try next in Jam, thanks to the Jonathan Coulton wiki, which has a whole section on tabs for his songs. Bitchin'!

Skullcrusher Mountain

Mandelbrot Set

Re: Your Brains

However, as I just looked at those chords and went ERGKRGHRKF?!, I foresee transposition in the new future. Possibly also capoing.

Also, I need a Jonathan Coulton icon, clearly.
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In which we again have a fairly tiny Jam, but we don't let that stop us; in which we're mostly instrumental, but that's quite okay; and in which I am not up to snuff as Emergency Backup Mimi! Songs: "Goin' Up", "The Last Saskatchewan Pirate", "Stars", "Duncan's Dance", "Napoleon's Rant", "Banish Misfortune / Lark in the Morning / Butterfly Priest", "Heather's Hound", "Elf Glade", "Chemical Worker's Song", "Captain Kidd".

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Next Jam is tentatively scheduled for 11/2, to keep the weekend before Halloween free for interesting scheduling purposes. We may have amusing Halloween-y musical news before then, though; watch this space for more.
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In which this Jam Report is only a little late, which is pretty awesome for someone on medical leave; in which everybody but me gets to drive our song choices by my request; and in which I am pretty much a mess but hey, I did at least get in some guitar. Songs: "Mononoke Neko", "Chemical Worker's Song (Process Man)", "Captain Kidd", "Elf Glade", "Goin' Up/Pirate Bill Snippet", "Zombie Taylor", "Least of My Kind", "Stars", "Pirate Bill and Squidly".

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The next Jam is tentatively scheduled for the 12th. Hope to see folks then!
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In which astute readers will notice that I actually didn't report on the last Jam, oh well; in which there is quite a bit of piratical goodness; in which in no small part this is the All Requests Jam; and in which we have the debut of one of [ profile] solarbird's new songs in Jam as well as a track off the new GBS album. Songs: "Captain Kidd", "The Last Saskatchewan Pirate", "Chemical Worker's Song", "Mari-Mac", "Stars", "The Shanty Formerly Known as General Taylor", "Pirate Bill and Squidly", "Straight to Hell".

I completely spaced on doing a jam report for the previous session, for no real good reason. So this is me trying to make sure to get one written out today, post-jam, before I forget to do it. And, because he hasn't shown up in the icon rotation in a while, y'all get Musical Jack this time.

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Next Jam is tentatively scheduled for the 28th, since Dara actively vetoes trying to Jam on the 21st--the first Sunday after my surgery. We'll see how I hold up by the 28th. It would sit well with me to do "Straight to Hell" once more in Jam before I go to see my B'ys do it right.
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In which summer schedules give us a somewhat reduced group, but in which we nevertheless have extremely tasty key lime pie; in which we play "Mari-Mac" faster than Great Big Sea, which is to say, way too damned fast; in which we explore how to up the zombie quotient in a zombie shanty; and in which we throw in some frog lyrics for good measure. Songs: "Chemical Worker's Song (Process Man)", "The Shanty Formerly Known as General Taylor", "The Clockwork Waltz", "Mari-Mac", "Hot Frogs on the Loose", "Pirate Bill and Squidly", "Captain Kidd".

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Next Jam: August 3rd!
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In which I get back in gear with the Jam Reporting now that I have my brain back, more or less; in which we have a noticeably reduced session just because of the heat, but also because of a few conflicting plans; in which [ profile] pocketnaomi joins us on some singing; and in which I break out the piccolo for the first time in ages. Songs: "The Clockwork Waltz", "The Shanty Formerly Known As General Taylor", "Captain Kidd", "Mari-Mac", "Chemical Worker's Song", "Pirate Bill and Squidly".

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This is of course Jam #77, since Jams #74, 75, and 76 went unreported. For those of you keeping track, the next Jam will be July 13th!
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In which prodigal Jammer [ profile] mamishka returns to the fold, bringing her mighty pipes and drums with her; in which we are almost a full jamming house, lacking only [ profile] stealthcello to make our numbers mighty indeed; in which [ profile] solarbird has no voice but doesn't let that stop her from jamming; in which I learn that [ profile] radarrider's guitar is quite mighty to play; and in which I use the word "mighty" a lot! Songs: "Mari-Mac", "Elf Glade", "Lukey", "Captain Kidd", "The Night Pat Murphy Died", Dara's new mandolin work-in-progress!

(And for the record, I had to go and get a new Séan With Bodhran icon, on the grounds that I damn well needed one anyway, but also because as The McCann is a deity of voice and drumming, it seemed fitting to honor the return of Mimi to Jam! This icon, like the rest of my GBS lovelies, is courtesy of [ profile] turple_purtle.)

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Next Jam in three weeks, since [ profile] technoshaman and [ profile] cflute's household is hosting a housefilk on Saturday the 26th. So the next Jam will be May 4th!
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In which the Martian Death Cold has some of us down, but not out, and in which we do an entirely pirate-themed lineup of music, stretching several musical wings as we go. Songs: "The Last Saskatchewan Pirate", "Pirate Bill and Squidly", "Captain Kidd", "Yo-Ho".

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Next Jam is in two weeks, which will be Sunday the 13th!
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In which I must do a double Jam Report because I didn't actually do last week's, thanks to the Martian Death Cold; in which we have two consecutive guest Jammers (two words: didgeridoo and cello); in which last week's mini-Jam is entirely blown out of the water by this week's super-Jam; and in which we have special added Russell-Crowe-inspired bodhran jamming! Songs: oh, well, hell. Lots!

3/9/08: Radarrider brings his didgeridoo for mini-Jam )

3/16/08: Stealthcello brings her cello and bodhran )

Next Jam, for the interested: March 30th! There may also be a mini-Jam at Norwescon, if Dara and Ellen and I can pull that off; if any local folks with instruments plan to be there, look for us! I'll be bringing the guitar.
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In which having my brain back really helps quite a bit in playing coherently; in which Ellen brings her Big Dulcimer and a shiny new toy; in which Dara shows off a new piece; and in which we take on our second serious attempt at a GBS ditty. Songs: "Elf Glade", "Web of Love", "Leaffall", "Lukey".

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March is going to get a little challenging schedule-wise since Potlatch, Consonance, and Norwescon are all coming up. But we're tentatively pencilling in a mini-Jam for the 9th with a hopefully full Jam on the 16th. Noting these dates for the benefit of any locals on the Friends list who might want to show! Let me know if you do.


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