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Feb. 25th, 2017 09:42 pm
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We've had people ask us about the Cloudflare leak reported a few days ago. We are Cloudflare customers, and it is possible that login cookies or passwords may have been exposed as part of the incident. We believe the risk to you is relatively low -- it was a small percentage of Cloudflare's requests that were involved over a relatively short period of time, and we haven't found any evidence that anything from us was among them. This is not an absolute guarantee that none of your accounts were affected, but we don't think the likelihood is very high.

Because we believe the risk to be low, we aren't automatically expiring everyone's session cookies and requiring you to log back in and change your password -- whenever we do that, it does lock some people who they can't remember their passwords and no longer have access to their confirmed email addresses out of their accounts, and we believe that will affect more people in this case.

Still, it's always a good idea to change your passwords regularly, and now would be a good time to do it, especially if you want peace of mind. We have a FAQ on how to change your password. If your browser logs you in automatically and you don't remember your password, you can reset it. If you've forgotten your password and no longer have access to your most recent confirmed email address, you can have the password reset email sent to any email address you've confirmed on your account by entering both your username and your old email address at the Lost Info page.

Unfortunately, if you've forgotten your password and no longer have access to any email address you've confirmed on your account, you probably won't be able to reset your password. In some cases, if you've previously paid for your account, we can validate your payment details to confirm your identity and reset your password. If you can't reset your password, but think you may have paid for your account in the past, you can open a support request in the Account Payments category and I'll check into it for you.

LiveJournal imports/crossposts/feeds

LiveJournal has temporarily blocked about 2/3rds of our webservers from contacting their site, presumably because they feel that we're requesting data from them too often. This affects the ability to import your journal, the ability to crosspost entries from your Dreamwidth account to your LiveJournal account, and whether syndicated feeds of accounts on LiveJournal will update on Dreamwidth. Those features will fail when they're unable to contact LJ because of the block.

It isn't every one of our webservers, so things will work intermittently -- if you crosspost two entries one right after the other, one might succeed while the other fails. Unfortunately, there isn't much we can do to resolve this other than contacting them and asking them to unblock us (which I'll be doing right after I hit 'post' on this entry).
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Jane Austen’s England

by Roy Adkins
August 15, 2013 · Penguin Books

Jane Austen’s England: Daily Life in the Georgian and Regency Periods is a great resource for fans of Austen who want to know more about daily life in her time. This book is not concerned with the global or political situation in England during Austen’s lifetime except inasmuch as politics affected daily life. Instead, the book starts with how people married and proceeds through childhood, work and leisure, religion, crime, medicine, and death to paint a picture of English life.

Jane Austen’s England doesn’t have a lot of humor and isn’t as conversational in tone as some other history books I’ve enjoyed, such as Bill Bryson’s At Home and Therese Oneill’s Unmentionable. However, it is a very approachable read – well researched, but not steeped in jargon. I read non-fiction slowly, but I still got through it in just a few days. It’s so well organized that you can read it from beginning to end, or read little bits and pieces out of order if you like your history in small doses. If you are using it for research purposes, you’ll pleased to learn that it includes an extensive index and bibliography, maps, pictures, a timeline of events that took place during Austen’s lifetime, and information on money, weights, and measures.

This is not a biography of Jane Austen, but the authors often return to her letters, her novels, and moments in her life as they apply to the topic at hand. This helps anchor the book. Because the book quotes so often from people’s letters and journals, and refers to the specific lives of individuals, it feels personal and immediate. It describes the lives of the rich, the poor, and the in-between. It also describes life in the country as well as life in London.

I’m a bit under the weather at the moment, so I took a good look at the chapter on medicine. It suggests that probably I need some powdered rhubarb mixed with a little ginger, brandy, and water. Of the many historical remedies, I’ve heard of, this one makes some sense. Ginger is good for upset stomachs and rhubarb contains a lot of vitamins. Altogether it was probably like taking a vitamin pill and some Nyquil. I’m also told that to relieve my ear pain (I’m super congested), I should put a roasted onion on or in my ear. I am not planning to do this, but at least there’s some logic to it. I expect the steam and irritating fumes clear the sinuses like mad. It makes more sense than the belief that if your eye hurts you should rub it against the tail of a black cat. Don’t do that.

If you are looking for information on topics like the events of Court or the troop movements in war, then this is not your book, although you might like the authors’ other books: The War for All the Oceans, Trafalgar, and Jack Tar. If, on the other hand, you too are captivated by Regency earache treatments, exactly how long a working-class person could put off getting married even after living with someone and having several babies, how often people washed their bedding, and the challenges of managing menstruation in dresses made of the lightest material possible with no underwear, then you will enjoy this book very much!

good morning, it's 25 february 2017

Feb. 25th, 2017 12:24 am
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hoo boy.

ICE raid at a Seattle tech company. Jay Inslee says "fuck you, no help from Washington State" via a series of executive orders. Kenmore, Washington leads a league of smaller King County, Washington towns in declaring themselves "welcoming" cities - meaning they won't help ICE and are making sure they don't collect data that could be used to help ICE. Not incidentally, DHS concluded that citizenship is an unreliable indicator of terrorism threat; so the report was suppressed, then leaked. It's also suppressing housing sales in our area, as (legal, again) immigrants get scared.

Twitter is locking down accounts (shadowbanning) if you swear at blue-checkbox people. They say the blue-check is not actually a factor? But it is. Three longer-term studies say voucher schools are _much worse_ than the schools they replace, across most to all axes.

Republicans are trying to crack down on protest nationally, but at the state level. 17 states have had bills introduced. Washington State's was dead on arrival, but that didn't stop it from being introduced. (And the sponsor from being publicly shamed, which was great.) The NRA is declaring protesters to be paid terrorists, "dedicated to destroying not just America but Western Civilization;" that won't lead to violence, now will it? And Montana's GOP chair opposes making voting easier, not because of supposed vote fraud, but because it hurts Republicans, and he actually said so in those words.

Lots of articles on Trump's attacks upon and exclusion of critical press. Key to note is that all of the news organisations excluded on Friday are leaders in the Russia-Trump stories. I'm sure that's just a coincidence.

Remember that effort in Iowa to force political hiring of professors at universities? It's shown up now in North Carolina, too. I'm sure that's just a coincidence too.

Two fundamentalist groups filing amicus briefs to the Supreme Court regarding access to washrooms by transgendered students misgendered Gavin Grimm (the plaintiff) intentionally. (Very intentionally; pointedly so. And said so when asked.) So they both got reprimands FROM THE COURT ITSELF, for not following court procedure and for generally being dickbags.

And a number of abuse stories, as well - extensive interrogations of native-born Muslim citizens at customs, and so on. It's ugly. And more. It's another big day.

It's February 25, 2017; this is the news )
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From Tanka Diary )

Home. Jetlagged. Cats so happy to see us they walked on us all night. About 3/4 unpacked. Two laundries washed, not yet folded. Photos only 1/3 uploaded to Flickr. Cat food and French bread acquired at food store. 80 degrees out, despite it being February. Crocuses and apricot blossoms in Cabin John Park. Dinner with parents. Now distracted by Hugh Jackman on The Tonight Show. More when awake. Pics of ancient Roman sites in Arles, including the amphitheater, Alyscamps necropolis, Thermes de Constantin, and 1st century theater:

Rome In Arles )

Thankful Friday

Feb. 24th, 2017 07:45 pm
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So, today (Thursday, for sufficiently large values of day), I am grateful for:

  • Colleen being home from the hospital, where she has been since Tuesday with a severe infection;
  • the fact that she simply forgot that she hadn't retrieved her wallet from the safe, rather than (as she thought) losing it somewhere;
  • an annual review that went much better than I expected;
  • a new review process that focuses more on forward-looking strengths and growth paths than on past performance or lack thereof;
  • a project just this side of launch, with all my parts of it completed and working (a thing that no doubt made my review better);
  • downsizing, which lets me see how little I actually need;
  • a purring therapy cat;
  • a format that keeps bullet points without subjects or verbs from looking like sentence fragments.

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This is about to make it sound like I'm a gardener. I'm not a gardener, I just suffer from an abundance of space so I put things in the ground and water them maybe once if they're lucky, and some of them die and some of them sit there resentfully and some of them make me free food and some of them make me free food and then make more of themselves. I call this "Darwinian gardening".

Silverbeet: I hope you like silverbeet because you're going to be seeing a lot of me around.

Asparagus: Eat me!

Spring onions: o/~ You cut me down, I spring up again, you're never gonna get me down o/~

Button mushroom: Surprise, I'm a mushroom!

Poppies: We resemble that scene in the Wizard of Oz.

Strawberries: Hi I made you a strawberries.

Silverbeet: What colour do you like do you like green or yellow or red or pink or orange or pale green or more red or-- No, can't do silver, how about orange or green or dark green or--

Pumpkin: I have huge flowers.

Bok choy: Slugs enjoy me.

Lettuce: Earwigs are my friends.

Poppies: Here have more seeds than you could ever use in muffins in a year.

Strawberries: More strawberries?

Celery: I will take two years to grow and taste terrible but it's the thought that counts, right?

Silverbeet: Or yellow-green or red-orange or orange-pink or green-red or--

Pumpkin: So many flowers.

Raspberries: Ugh, here are 14 raspberries I suppose.

Plums: Are you ready for plums? WHOOMPH!

Strawberries: Hi again it's me, strawberries.

Zucchinis: Would you like a zucchini? Haha it's a marrow now. Enjoy your four marrows while I grow more marrows.

Mandarin tree: You grew me from a seed from a supermarket mandarin, what did you expect, flowers?

Lemon tree: All my flowers fell off.

Strawberries: Look here are more strawberries.

Silverbeet: I'm going to spend three months slowly going to seed now.

Pumpkin: All the flowers.

Grapes: Btw I decided to make grapes two months early this year, you probably didn't notice them hidden under the leaves. Oh look the birds ate them all, what're you gonna do.

Yellow zucchinis: Would you like a tiny yellow zucchini or shall I just shrivel up, yeah I think I'll do that.

Pumpkin: I guess I can make one pumpkin. Also more flowers!

Mystery cucurbit: Spherical cucumber, spherical pumpkin, who knows? The important thing is that I'm really big!

Peaches: Hey the peaches are ripe now, also turning mouldy, why didn't you pick them in the three seconds they were perfect?

Lettuce: I'm going to look like a dandelion as I go to seed.

Bok choy: I'm going to emit a secret call to aphids worldwide to come and swarm my seed pods.

Silverbeet: I've made a million seeds and every single one of them will be a new silverbeet, I think you'll enjoy their colours.

Strawberries: Continuing to grow strawberries.

Today in Portraiture

Feb. 25th, 2017 12:34 am
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Posted by John Scalzi

Today I decided I was going to make an actual effort to get some mileage out of the prime lens (50mm 1.8f) I got with my dSLR. So I did a little portraiture. Here are the results.

Result: Acceptable!

New Books and ARCs, 2/24/17

Feb. 24th, 2017 09:25 pm
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Posted by John Scalzi

Already the last weekend of February — yikes! Fortunately here is a fine stack of new books and ARCs to help ease us into March. What here would you want to read next? Tell us in the comments!

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Posted by Amanda

Devil in Spring
A | BN | K | iB
Over the course of more than 30 historical romance novels, Lisa Kleypas has created a vibrant world for her characters–one filled with beautiful estates, infamous gaming hells, even a department store! Learn a little more about her world in the progressive online board game “LisaLand,” inspired by DEVIL IN SPRING heroine–and board game creator–Pandora Ravenel, and her real-life counterpart Lizzie Magie.

Head to Avon Romance’s LisaLand to roll the dice and enter a part of Lisa Kleypas’s world! The roll of the dice will take you to one of four websites. The sites will have Kleypas “flip cards,” which hold the answers to a Kleypas quiz! The dice could also take you to one of two prize pages, where you can enter to win either a gift card or the entire Ravenel series! For more on Lisa’s latest novel, DEVIL IN SPRING, visit Avon Romance. To find out more about the amazing Lizzie Magie, check out her profile in The New York Times.

LisaLand game board


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Turns out it’s not just me having racism and misogyny problems in Overwatch competitive. I saw Wil Wheaton reblog this article from about it, as well as this thread on the Reddit Overwatch forum, and yeah – it did get a lot worse in Season III.

And so far, nobody official seems to be doing much about it. And people doing it won’t stop until it hurts them, so I’m definitely going with my announcement and plan as a de rigueur thing before all competitive matches in Series IV.

Meanwhile, back in quickplay, I’ve started singing what I call the Tracer Tank song again, because Tracer is a tank in the right circumstances and the right levels. NO, SHE IS, REALLY. I have golded so many times for objective time as Tracer that it’s hilarious.

Tracer tank / Tracer tank
movin’ the payload
’cause somebody has to

where the fuck is Reinhardt?
where the fuck is
i could be that Reinhardt
if i really wanted

let’s all move the payload
i said everybody
okay fine I’ll do it
objective gold again

I mean, think about it. If you’re on offence in a payload level, and you’re good at her dodging motion/blinking/rewind, it works out to an effective hitpoint/armour total of easily 350 points, assuming only one rewind – much more if you’re lucky and good. I have beaten back one-on-three facedowns across the payload, more than once.

How does that work? Base health/armour of 150. Near-double that to 290 from your own health, doubled, with use of rewind. You get 10 points per second back from being on the payload; survive five seconds – not hard if you are good with her movement – and that’s another 100 points (with the single rewind), which gets you up to 390. Survive 10 seconds, that’s 490. Survive 15, 590.

Survive, oh, 2:09 like I did in one game last night as Tracer Tank? That’s 2580+300 hit/armour points (tho’ that assumes more rewinds, as it would), for a total of 2880.

Bulletproof. Reinhardt? Roadhog? Paper people.

And that’s not even getting into how the payload is functionally a motion-restricted shield with infinite hit points and infinite duration.

Tracer is a tank.

(Really, of course, Tracer shouldn’t be your group’s tank. For one thing, this whole shtick falls apart if they have a Sombra who knows what she’s doing. Even without that, it’s not Tracer’s best mode, and usually if I’m doing it, the team I’m on isn’t very good. But we all know the number of people that just won’t get on the goddamn payload, right? I was on one of those a couple of days ago where I literally solo-escorted the payload from Objective A to (just short of) the Eichenwald castle gate entirely by myself. It was hilarious.)

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Post-show treasure hunt results

Feb. 24th, 2017 09:59 am
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Two quarters, an eerie glass disk and a Kleenex that might have been rolled in a shoggoth.

Someone else found the underwire from a bra but I don't think it was near where I found my trove of artifacts. I feel confident nobody was removed from this space-time continuum while trying to harness forces beyond their ken, leaving behind only a few bits of flotsam to indicate they ever existed.

The Big Idea: Jake Bible

Feb. 24th, 2017 01:47 pm
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Posted by John Scalzi

What’s in a name? Sometimes, as Jake Bible relates about his new novel Stone Cold Bastards, there’s quite a lot there indeed.


Stone Cold Bastards.

I have no idea the exact date or what influence triggered the name to pop into my head, but I do know I was in bed, it was late, and I had just turned out the light.

Stone Cold Bastards.

I switched the light back on and grabbed my phone to jot it down before I forgot it. My wife didn’t even ask why the light was back on; she was used to me taking random notes at random times on my phone. It’s part of being a writer’s spouse, just like me running last minute, random errands for her is part of being a public school teacher’s spouse. These things happen.

No clue what the novel was going to be about or even if it would become a novel. I have about 200+ titles/ideas/notes on my iPhone that I doubt I’ll ever get to in my lifetime, so there was a distinct possibility that SCB would amount to nothing.

Except that’s not what happened.

On March 16th, 2013 I jotted down a quick description “Like The Dirty Dozen meets Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles meets The Omen”.

Damn. That’s one serious mashup right there.

A day later I wrote “Old school, crack military team of gargoyles holds a Sanctuary against a Demon Siege”.

What the hell is an “old school, crack military team of gargoyles”? Were gargoyles in the military? And what’s up with capitalizing “Demon Siege”? My brain is weird.

I eventually fleshed it out some more and added the idea to my pitch sheet. Pitch sheet? Yep. Like I said above, over 200+ notes on my iPhone. I take the ones that refuse to let go of my mind and I add them to a pitch sheet. This is something I can email to publishers if I ever get asked “So, what ideas do you have?” Best to be prepared when opportunity knocks and all that jazz.

I was pretty stoked about this idea and constantly pitched it to publishers. It was gonna be a throwback to the old military movies of the late sixties and early seventies. You know, the ones with the misfit band of soldiers that have to come together and save the day while also sacrificing themselves because, hey, misfits die, it’s what they do.

Except I write genre fiction, so I switched out the human soldiers for gargoyles come to life when the End of Days shows up. I also switched out Nazis for demons. Well, humans possessed by demons. I wanted flesh and blood. I wanted a body count. I needed human bodies that could get hacked and slashed and shot and clubbed and crushed and just completely obliterated by some seriously badass stone fists.

I was in love with the entire idea.

Publishers weren’t.

I pitched it to five or six different publishers and they all passed.

Until I found Bell Bridge Books. They got my pitch sheet and to my complete surprise, Stone Cold Bastards was at the top of the list of what they would like me to write. Holy snack crackers! The Bastards’ time had finally come! Three years after I had originally come up with the idea.

Man, I was ready to get to the writing. Three years of those Bastards in my head meant I knew exactly what I wanted to write. And when I sat down to write the novel, it flowed so easily.

The gargoyles came to life when the Gates of Hell opened. There was a Sanctuary where the last humans left on Earth were being protected. Lots of action, violence, intrigue, snark, and blood. It was perfect.

Except it wasn’t. There is a reason editors exist. A big reason.

You see, I had been so focused on the gargoyles, and creating these badasses made of stone that would fit the title, that I forgot about why they were there in the first place: to protect the last humans. And, man, my human characters? They sucked.

Generic, cardboard cutouts. Unlikable. Boring. I gave the reader zero reason to care at all whether they lived or died. It didn’t matter how much ass the gargoyles kicked if the reason for kicking ass was to save a bunch of losers. The demons had more humanity than the actual humans.

Time to fix that!

I fleshed out the humans, I gave them souls, I gave them lives that readers cared about. I wove relationships and friendships into the story. I brought the gargoyles and the humans closer together. Stone hearts warmed as flesh hearts began to beat like they should have from the beginning. I not only gave the gargoyles a reason to care, but I gave the readers a reason to care.

Which is my job. I should have seen that from the start, but it’s hard when you have a burning idea and that idea eclipses everything else. A killer title. Gargoyles come to life. Demons to kill. End of Days. Except none of it worked without humanity at the core.

A couple more passes and the novel was done. And it was so much more than what I had hoped.

I had set out to write a novel steeped in pulp fiction with a seventies grindhouse ethos, but in the end I had a contemporary fantasy that not only had all of those elements, it had depth and heart and soul. I’ll admit that I grew a little teary when I re-read the ending.

Now it’s out in the wild. The Bastards have been set free.

In a way, so have I.

All because of a title.

All because of Stone Cold Bastards.


Stone Cold Bastards: Amazon|Barnes & Noble|Indiebound

Visit the author’s blog. Follow him on Twitter.

good morning, it's 24 february 2017

Feb. 23rd, 2017 11:53 pm
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Item 3 is the kind of thing that - were it to pass - means you should flee the state. No lie.

Item 21: what part of "trying to get the FBI to shut up about Russia" isn't obstruction of justice?

Item 24: Keep on eye on this. The plan may be to flood non-cooperative cities and states with ICE personnel, to the point where ICE presence is overwhelming. This will be where non-cooperation needs to go all the way down. There are several other ICE- and police-state-related stories today as well.

Washington State governor Jay Inslee is acting quickly to remind everyone 1) Fuck you, Trump, and 2) Washington State has its own civil rights protections that do include trans kids. (We're also ready to fight on legal marijuana, which the administration is now hinting it may try to stop.)

Item 4 involves more 'alterations' to reality - if they change the import/export numbers to be wrong, they can make the trade deficit look worse, and gain more support for trade wars. This is very bad, of course, but may well happen.

More on Milo's lies; a Muslim now-former staffer talks about leaving the Trump white house; Matt Schlapp was going to let neo-nazi and overt genocide planner Richard "One Punch [and down]" Spencer attend CPAC, but yanked his membership when people noticed; Trump refers to increased ICE action as a "military operation," which would be 192 kinds of illegal; the FBI is cold-calling Muslims in Seattle and calling it "outreach" but it's all kinds of intimidating; several notes from CPAC; it is UTTERLY INSANE that Trump's desire to RAMP UP NUCLEAR WEAPONS PRODUCTION isn't the lead story here and maybe it should be; more. Good luck.

It's February 24, 2017; this is the news )
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This week the guest is… all of you! This episode is an assembly of your excellent email messages, with stories, jokes, and questions, because you’re all brilliant, clever, and interesting people. Thank you for listening – knowing how funny you are, I’m honored that you listen to me each week!

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The Toothless banner cross stitch pattern I commissioned and made. Took me over a year off and on.

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Before surviving the Scorpius bacterium, Tace Justice was a good ole Texas cowboy who served his country and loved his mama. After Scorpius, the world became dark, dangerous, and deadly—and so did he. The Vanguard medic is stronger, faster, and smarter than before, but he’s lost the line between right and wrong. His passion is absolute, and when he focuses it on one woman, there’s no turning back for either of them…

Sami Steel has been fighting to survive right alongside Tace, convincing the Vanguard soldiers she’s one of them. In truth, Sami is a former hacker turned government agent who worked at The Bunker, where scientists stored both contaminants and cures. Only she knows the location, and she’s not telling. Yet when sexual fire explodes between her and Tace, she’ll face even that hell again to save him.

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Greetings from Home

Feb. 23rd, 2017 12:42 am
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We spent nearly all of Thursday traveling, though I did get plenty of exercise racing through Munich's massive airport after we took off thirty minutes late from Toulouse due to some sort of medical emergency with someone on our plane and had to go running to make our connecting flight to Dulles. Fortunately the snack Lufthansa fed us on the flight to Munich was big enough to count for lunch, and they fed us dinner and breakfast on the flight to DC even though it wasn't an overnight flight! We are very tired now and have lots of laundry and unpacking to do. Our one sightseeing activity for the day after leaving our hotel breakfast and before returning the rental car was a visit to Toulouse's Roman amphitheater ruins, surrounded by a quiet neighborhood and big contemporary church:

Romans Were Here )


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