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So y’all know that nasty stomach bug I had a few weeks ago?

I’m not going to get into details, because it’s the very definition of TMI, but suffice to say that it wreaked vicious havoc on my system and did actual physical damage. I’ve been in varying degrees of pain ever since, and finally went in for an outpatient procedure this morning to get it dealt with.

The procedure went well and I’m at home resting now. But it was rough to deal with–because the surgical clinic in question was the same place I went to for most of my breast cancer procedures. I.e., the biopsies, the lumpectomy, and the mastectomy. BOY did I not like setting foot in that office again. So yeah, that was an extra cherry of stress on top of a general sundae of pain and suck.

But. It’s more or less dealt with now, and I’m at home resting up. I’m on Vicodin, so I’m operating at half speed. I’ve got things that HAVE to get done, though–Vengeance of the Hunter releases on Monday, and I’ve got important blog posts that need to get written. Bear with me, y’all.

And to everybody that’s pre-ordered Vengeance, many thanks! If you can, spread the word about the book, too. ‘Cause I’m Recovery Girl yet again, and this is NOT a state I wanted to be in when I’ve got a book about to drop.

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