Apr. 16th, 2008

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So get this, folks: the fine folks at greatbigsea.com have just put out a call to the fans for photos of "great accomplishments". Any they accept will be used in the forthcoming video for the single "Walk on the Moon".

I just sent them the three photos [livejournal.com profile] solarbird took of me and the full manuscript for Faerie Blood back in 2005, 'cause yeah--finishing a novel? Definite walk on the moon.

If I can't get that book sold, having its manuscript show up in a Great Big Sea video wouldn't suck. ;)
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Another late review post, just because I've had to ration out what brain I have available across the week. But! I want to get this written up before we actually watch the next episode. ;)

Picoreview: Nothing terribly surprising in the Starbuck plot, some nice tear-jerky bits with Apollo, and oh my the situation on the Cylon side just got real, real interesting.

Spoilers now setting out to join the Quorum of Twelve... )


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